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MA.RI.GE. manages the design, installation and maintenance of all types of escalators for shopping centers, subways, railway stations, airports, stadiums, congress centers.

Each type of escalator is designed and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability of the system as well as safety for passengers, in compliance with national and international safety standards, including the European Standard EN 115, simultaneously reducing time consumption and increasing efficiency. MA.RI.GE. can design extremely compact solutions to be installed in the smallest possible spaces allowing to free some space that can be destined for other things.

Fast mobility

Escalators to satisfy any mobility need


Our company also designs and manufactures escalators to be placed between floors with a great height difference, such as those suitable for accessing underground stations, optimized not only to be able to handle great amounts of people during rush hours but also equipped with automatic systems that reduce power consumption in periods of low usage.

Our products are suitable for every need and are also ideal for the replacement of old escalators with new and more efficient ones that also blend harmoniously with the surrounding urban environment. Request a free quote.

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