Stairlifts and lifting platforms

Elevator assembly service for the disabled, in Genoa and province


For several years now, MA.RI.GE. has been designing and installing a wide range of products for overcoming architectural barriers, suitable for those with walking problems.
The products include:

  • Lifting platform

    Suitable for installation in public or residential places; versatile and elegant, it is the alternative to the elevator, with the same aesthetic qualities but limited technical performance (reduced speed max 0.15 m / sec) as required by law. We have both standard types with limited finishes for a more economical solution, and “custom” types with unique design and the most various types of finishes. The energy consumption of this type of product is very small, comparable to a domestic appliance.

  • Stairlifts

    Both with seats and platforms.The seats are available in various types and can also be installed outdoors, but are more suitable for indoor installation. This type of stairlift allows the traversing of flights of straight or curved stairs. With their excellent design, they can also be adapted to the elegance of the context in which they are installed. The stairlift platforms are designed and sized for wheelchair handling and can be adapted to straight and curved stairs and inclines. They are robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor weatherproof installations.


  • Mobile systems

    This systems are designed to allow the movement of people or wheelchairs in places where it is impossible to insert other fixed devices.


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