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We offer lifting solutions for industrial activities too, from the simple box duplicator to lift a car in order to double the capacity of the box, up to the most complex systems complex systems featuring computerized handling and management of the cars.
Car lifts are special freight elevators specially designed for lifting cars. This is an important solution for garages and car parks, as it considerably reduces the required space for the car park.

This is an electro-hydraulic parking system with two positions, one superimposed on the other, which is technically called duplicator, which can be installed without masonry and is adjustable to any height, ideal for optimizing the available space.
MA.RI.GE. Srl’s experience in the elevator sector has allowed our company to specialize also in the field of car lifts, whose demand is constantly growing thanks to its extreme practicality. We install systems in Genoa and the province, but also throughout the country.

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Car lifts for underground garages


Parking problems? MA.RI.GE., based in Genoa, is able to solve them because it designs, installs and maintains car lifts for underground garages. Automatic and mechanized parking systems for any need, built underground, partially underground or totally underground.

Different solutions, according to needs and place of installation, with vertical and revolving downward lateral columns, with or without driver on board, with or without roof covering. Request an inspection on-site and a quote.

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