Freight elevators

Freight elevators for goods and heavy materials, in Genoa and its province


MA.RI.GE. Srl designs and constructs freight elevators of any size.
For commercial establishments (restaurants, bars, etc.) we offer electric winch dumbwaiters with their own self-supporting structure with capacities ranging from 24 kg to 300 kg.
This system is also suitable for people who need to transfer food or materials from one level to another.
Various finishes are available to meet the various aesthetic and technical needs.

For industrial activities we are able to provide customized freight elevators with capacities and dimensions to meet the most varied customer needs.
Car lifts also belong to this product category. From the simple box duplicators that allow to lift a car in order to double the capacity of the box, up to the most complex systems featuring computerized handling and management of the cars.

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