Freight elevators for naval use

Freight elevators for lifting goods on ships in Genoa


MA.RI.GE. Srl of Genoa designs and builds freight elevators of any size for the naval sector.
We can build elevators with various finishes to meet every aesthetic and technical need.

Not only merchant ships, but also those destined to transport passengers need to use special naval freight elevators for lifting heavy goods and materials. These are special systems that require extreme attention to detail and highly specialized technical knowledge. The Genoa company MA.RI.GE. Srl, a leader in the sector for more than thirty years, guarantees that the work is performed perfectly in every phase, from the design to after-sales service.
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Lift and elevation systems compliant with ISO 8383 requirements


Lifts on ships are subject to European and international regulations. The main ones are UNI 81-20 and 81-50 (ex UNI 81-1 and 81-2) and in particular ISO 8383, which provides specific requirements for the design, installation and inspection of lifts on ships, to which are added the regulations of the various Naval Registers and National Flags.

In particular, ISO 8383 regulates the timing for carrying out the inspection visit which must be carried out by qualified personnel: “12.2 the inspection should preferably be carried out at 12 month intervals, but at intervals not exceeding 18 months unless the rules classification societies and the other rules referred to in clause 0 do not require anything else ”.

MA.RI.GE. at the request of the shipowner, carries out periodic, annual and five-year inspections of the lifts and, when required, assists the register of competence for the visit on the plants for the renewal of the ship’s class. The technicians who intervene are regularly hired and have all the required qualifications.

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