Elevator installation in Genoa


The experience we have gained over many years of work, as well as our technicians and designers who are trained in both technical and safety regulations, allows us to offer many kinds of elevator systems for multiple solutions.
We focus on every detail in the design phase, which is the primary and essential element for ensuring an excellent end result, starting from the spatial context where the elevator is being installed, and taking into particular consideration the needs and tastes of the customer, while always maintaining the regulatory aspect as a guideline for the installation of the systems, which must meet all the UNI standards.

Since there are many possible configurations in which the installation is possible, we can list many different types of elevators:

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Electric elevators
  • Lifts without machine room
  • Mini lifts
  • Panoramic elevators
  • Lifts for public buildings
  • Freight elevators and dumbwaiters
  • Escalators
  • Moving walkways
  • Stairlifts and lifting platforms



Elevator maintenance


Another important aspect is our company’s regular maintenance to avoid shutdowns and unnecessary costs and keeping the system in optimal condition at all times, reducing the wear and tear on consumable parts.
Our technicians are all hired on a permanent basis and qualified and licensed for this type of service.

The types of maintenance services offered depend on the location and use of the system itself and can be:

  • Simple / basic maintenance
  • Partial maintenance
  • Complete maintenance

We also provide a 24 hour service at all times when you can speak to our staff.

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