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Freight elevators and dumbwaiters

Construction and testing of naval elevators for goods and passengers in Genoa and the province


Thanks to the proximity of the important port of the city, MA.RI.GE. Srl, based in Genoa, has also always operated in the field of naval elevators. We are active in the design, construction, installation, maintenance and servicing and testing of elevator systems. In particular, we collaborate with several shipyards, providing passenger lifts and elevators of various capacities, including elevators for yachts.

The naval elevators sector requires particular experience and high design skills due to the limited space available on board. Our company is able to deal with these problems brilliantly by providing tailor-made products, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the nautical world, and of each range of passenger ships, merchant ships, military ships and yachts.

We operate in the main Italian ports and internationally on request.

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Certifications and quality controls on naval elevators


The materials used in our ship lifts are subjected to continuous quality checks and have all the necessary certifications. All work carried out by MA.RI.GE. is paired with the release of certificates of conformity according to the specific EN ISO 8383 regulation.


Servicing and maintenance for naval lifting systems

In addition to taking care of every detail of the design and installation phases, we also offer a useful servicing and maintenance service for our vertical ship lifts.

The service is available 24 hours a day to intervene promptly in case of emergency and is carried out by highly specialized technicians. If you are looking for professionalism and quality, please contact our company today. You will never have unpleasant surprises and will be assisted at all times, from design to installation and maintenance of the equipment.

Lifting systems for merchant ships


MA.RI.GE. has always specialized in the design, construction, installation, maintenance and testing of naval elevators for the merchant sector. Our company cooperates with several shipyards for systems of various sizes: our customers include many shipowning companies for whom we carry out pre-testing services and subsequent annual testing in the presence of the register of competence.

We also perform planned and unplanned maintenance, including partial and total refurbishment of the naval elevators.

Tailored systems for yachts


Our expertise, attention to detail and the versatility of our products allow us to be highly competitive even in the field of yacht shipbuilding. We offer lifts, lifting platforms, hoists, freight elevators, and dumbwaiters of all sizes.

All products can be built so that they have a guaranteed high level of resistance to fire. We also offer a wide variety of finishes, precisely to meet the specific requests of the final owner of the yacht.

Elevators for military ships and off-shore platforms


MA.RI.GE. has always been involved in the military naval sector, providing high quality naval elevators. Our clients include the Italian, Greek and French navy and we also provide consulting services for the most important companies in the naval sector.

We also deal with elevators for off-shore facilities (such as oil rigs). In addition to certificates of qualification to perform the profession of elevator technician, our technicians also possess the BOSIET, HUET and EBS certificates required to work on this type of facility.


Lift and elevation systems compliant with ISO 8383 requirements


Lifts on ships are subject to European and international regulations. The main ones are UNI 81-20 and 81-50 (ex UNI 81-1 and 81-2) and in particular ISO 8383, which provides specific requirements for the design, installation and inspection of lifts on ships, to which are added the regulations of the various Naval Registers and National Flags.

In particular, ISO 8383 regulates the timing for carrying out the inspection visit which must be carried out by qualified personnel: “12.2 the inspection should preferably be carried out at 12 month intervals, but at intervals not exceeding 18 months unless the rules classification societies and the other rules referred to in clause 0 do not require anything else ”.

MA.RI.GE. at the request of the shipowner, carries out periodic, annual and five-year inspections of the lifts and, when required, assists the register of competence for the visit on the plants for the renewal of the ship’s class. The technicians who intervene are regularly hired and have all the required qualifications.

Manutenzione e interventi su ascensori ed elevatori navali a Genova


MA.RI.GE. S.R.L. has over 50 years of experience in the naval sector, working at first as a trusted Olivari subsidiary and then autonomously it deals with everything related to assembly, refitting and maintenance of lift systems. Per the owners’ request, we intervene to verify and resolve the problems encountered on the on-board lifts.

Our experience allows us to work on all brands and types of systems (Schindler, Otis, Hyundai) in compliance with the roles of the ship itself. The highly specialized technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet the needs of the very tight schedules of the ships. In case of need, we are available to embark the staff to meet the customer’s needs. At the end of the intervention, a special report is released documenting the work carried out and describing any operation necessary to keep the system safe and regularly functioning.

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