Elevators for naval use

Elevators for ships


On ships, elevators are essential for the mobility of both on board personnel and customers / passengers. On its naval lifts, MA.RI.GE. focuses not only on providing the best quality materials and installation, but also on guaranteeing products that are quick and ease to operate. Our company provides small / large interventions so that fixing problems can be done intuitively and fast.

The technology used for our lift control panels allows remote verification of their condition, providing a direct active intervention in the verification and solution of the possible failure on the system or as a support for understanding and solving.
We are able to design and supply any type of system (electric, hydraulic, traditional or MRL (Machine Room Less)).
We also offer various finishes, from the standard system with cabin covered in plasticized sheet to the cabin in stainless steel 304, AISI 316 etc. up to the panoramic system.

for ships

Panoramic lifts for cruise ships


MA.RI.GE., based in Genoa, designs and manufactures panoramic lifts for cruise ships. Ouur Company’s creations have a truly unique design, created by our architects and realized by MA.RI.GE. technicians, who are able add value to the final product thanks to their own know-how and experience of over 50 years of activity in the naval sector.

We are able to satisfy the high aesthetic standards of the cruise industry. Satisfying any aesthetic need with completely customized solutions and using the most refined and high-quality materials including marble, ebony, glass, stainless steel and teak.

Lift and elevation systems compliant with ISO 8383 requirements


Lifts on ships are subject to European and international regulations. The main ones are UNI 81-20 and 81-50 (ex UNI 81-1 and 81-2) and in particular ISO 8383, which provides specific requirements for the design, installation and inspection of lifts on ships, to which are added the regulations of the various Naval Registers and National Flags.

In particular, ISO 8383 regulates the timing for carrying out the inspection visit which must be carried out by qualified personnel: “12.2 the inspection should preferably be carried out at 12 month intervals, but at intervals not exceeding 18 months unless the rules classification societies and the other rules referred to in clause 0 do not require anything else ”.

MA.RI.GE. at the request of the shipowner, carries out periodic, annual and five-year inspections of the lifts and, when required, assists the register of competence for the visit on the plants for the renewal of the ship’s class. The technicians who intervene are regularly hired and have all the required qualifications.

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