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Civil and naval lifts in the province of Genoa


MA.RI.GE. Srl has been active in the elevator sector for more than fifty years in Genoa. We take care of every aspect of our lifting systems, from installation to planned and unplanned maintenance. We implement any kind of system in both civil and naval fields: from mechanical elevators to hydraulic, from vertical to inclined lifts.

Over the years our company has never stopped growing and improving, thanks also to technical knowledge and the spirit of initiative of the owner Calvillo Enrico. Mr. Calvillo merged MA.RI.GE. with his company Calvillo Ascensori, founded in 1966, transforming the company from Snc to Srl and giving it a new momentum. This was a real turning point for MA.RI.GE, which has since then undergone various changes, adopting the features of a family-run business. Today our company boasts fifty years of experience in the field of lifts, under the careful guidance of the Calvillo family. Our entrepreneurial path continues, thanks also to our carefully selected technical and commercial staff. We are committed to putting the quality of our products and services at the forefront.

The main types of lifting systems


MA.RI.GE. covers every aspect of the diverse elevator sector. Our services include:


  • Design, installation and maintenance of civil elevator systems.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of naval and off-shore systems.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of inclined elevator systems.

Partnerships in the elevator sector


Our company uses only highly qualified personnel, who is certified by passing the lift technician exams. We also pay special attention to the ongoing training of our staff when it comes to the latest regulations and future installations.

MA.RI.GE. can also issue the SOA Category OS4 Class I certificate and partners with important associations such as ANACAM (National Association of Construction and Maintenance Lifts) and Confindustria Genova (Industrial Association of Genoa).

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