Inclined systems and funiculars

Inclined Elevators


MA.RI.GE. specializes in the design and installation of inclined systems.
Our systems are subject to the specific regulation UNI 81.22 and require attention and special skills both in the design and installations as well as maintenance, due to the shape of the compartment that moves along an inclined shaft and not vertically.

Inclined systems



MA.RI.GE. is also well-established both nationally and internationally in the field of cable transport systems. The company is specialized in funicular systems, managing all the necessary phases required to obtain a final product, from the early drafts, required to get the necessary approval to carry out the construction, to the actual installation of the plant, including all the subsequent stages of topographical, geological, geotechnical and many other checks.

The final stage of the project involves the assembly of the required steel structures, mechanical parts and cables, as well as the electrical wiring needed, after which follows a series of test drives and activities needed to ensure all the future maintenance activities. Contact us to get a quote.

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